About This Blog (and Blogger)

Randy Nye, Hudson, Ohio

Husband to Karen

Father to Chris, Alex, Cory and Zach whose real first names are John, Gene, Randall and Kiernan. They have had some fun using their first names as noms de guerre. Best story yet involves Alex, a former All American runner in high school who was also a very accomplished musician.  At one point, his orchestra teacher pulled him aside to ask “Gene” to congratulate his brother “Alex” on his running successes. LMOA!!

Seriously agitated since February 2006 (death in the family due to missed red flags by multiple “professionals”).

Increasingly disturbed since at least late 2008 starting with Madoff (no, I was not an investor).  It was the budding realization that things seemed to be rigged.  Madoff was something of the canary in the mine. See here for an early 2009 story about Madoff Whistleblower Harry Markopolis who detected Madoff was a fraud in 5 minutes and was able to confirm it with 4 hours of number crunching. Markopolis’ serious and aggressive efforts to draw the SEC’s attention to the fraud for 8 years (?) led to zilch, zero, nada.

See here for a story discussing that a few SEC employees were “disciplined,” but no heads rolled. What does that tell you?

I have a background (and therefore a professional interest) in both law and  wealth management. 

Professionally, I have swerved towards promoting the cooperative business model. No panacea, but there appears to be a need for consumers to have a choice.

I am also cultivating an interest in economics. I seem to be fascinated that purportedly smart people (Nobel Prize Winners) can belong to at least three different schools of thought who spend a lot of time arguing that the others are morons. 

I have found that observing them can be entertaining and frightening. After all, some of these “brains” are active in setting top down national policy based upon a conviction of absolute certainty that, again, other “brains” know with absolute certainty to be stupid.


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