The True Job Creators (ahem, Controllers)

Not too long ago the net was buzzing about a “banned” TED talk.  You can click here to get the background (and strong criticism) and to watch the presentation by Nick Hanauer.

Mr. Hanauer’s narrative (excerpted from the linked article):

Hanauer’s thesis is that rich people and entrepreneurs don’t create jobs because it’s the consumers who create jobs by creating demand. Jobs, he says, are not created by rich people or by business large or small. They’re  created by “a circle of life-like feedback loops.”

The critic felt this assertion absurd.  But regardless of which side of this fence one might fall on Mr. Hanauer’s message, perhaps it is more accurate to say that consumers are (or can be) the job controllers.  Putting the notion of “shop local” into a higher gear, could the broader use of local consumer cooperatives not only lead to targeting the jobs towards folks that can provide cascading local benefits (spend local as opposed to remittances and or taxes to ?), but also to more efficient deployment of the profits within the community?

I hope to have some answers as Nye Co-op Law matures.



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